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A circle has a history of being a special pattern for human beings, it has originated from nature probably from the observation of the sun. In the Chinese Daoism the circle is very important as in the Yin Yang symbol, for Buddhists it can represent reincarnation. For many people in the western world a circle is just a circle.

Many old masters in China will try to draw a perfect circle before they die to answer for themselves if they have been satisfied with their life the more perfect the circle the happier they are with their life.

The Enso is a simple circle, drawn in one breath and one motion. Usually drawn in black and white representing 2 opposite elements. A circle can also represent life, which generally has three states; simple for children in childhood, more complicated for adults yet again becoming simple when we are aged. 

Like the old master who drew a circle to gauge his success in life many who used calligraphy as a meditative pursuit tend to think of their work as a mirror and when they look at it it is like they face themselves, and in that circle they see the inner voice, thoughts and the workings of their mind. Shifu Jackie - Deng Feng China


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