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Alternative Therapies And Modes Of Healing

We also offer a range of spiritual healing techniques to aid your wellbeing and promote your spiritual health.

Peter is a qualified and accredited integrative counsellor who provides online talking therapy for adults. If you are interested in finding out more about counselling, and our range of online therapy services contact Peter on peter@leeespiritualhealing.co.uk

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Remote Reiki

You can receive Reiki and intuitive card readings from Leanne, who is a qualified practitioner. Reiki is a great way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, detoxify the body, and accelerate both mental and physical healing.


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Therapies Available At Lee's Spiritual Healing 

Alongside our Reiki, intuitive card reading and counselling services we also host a range of spiritual practitioners, specialists in yoga, tai chi, meditation, Thai massage, and more. Read on to learn more about our extensive range of therapies available.



If you are interested in Reiki, and are looking for a caring and holistic practitioner, you are guaranteed a warm welcome by Leanne.



Psychological Therapies

We provide a range of highly beneficial therapies, including counselling, hypnotherapy, and tapping.



We run yoga sessions at our spiritual wellbeing centre in Walthamstow, giving practitioners access to a huge range of health benefits.


Intuitive Card Readings

If you are interested in having an Intuitive card reading, or any other card readings, you are welcome to book an appointment here.



We provide a range of massage therapies, including Thai yoga massage, head massages, and feet massages.


Tai Chi

This is a traditional Chinese moving meditation that involves slow, flowing movements and deep breathing.




We will have meditation sessions every week at our centre, as well as individual one-to-one sessions with our meditation expert.


Medium Services

We have a specialist clairvoyant, who will help you contact with the spirit world, and receive guidance and advice.





Room For Hire

If you are a qualified practitioner and you would like to use our rooms to provide therapy services you are welcome to contact us by email, via contact@leesspiritualhealing.co.uk.

Alongside our online therapy services, we plan to have a selection of rooms for hire. All our rooms are decorated to a high standard. Our smaller rooms are ideal for one-to-one treatments and our larger rooms will be set up to offer space for group work and training.

Food and drinks will be available for training sessions.

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